Prepared, yet so UNprepared

My little family has had some changes this past month and needless to say, I wasn’t fully prepared for the way my children, more specifically my oldest, P. We are a military family, I haven’t mentioned in much on here, I think only in my first post. My husband is active duty and has been in 9 years, we’ve been together 5 and married for 4 of those years on December 15.

Our first deployment was extremely hard on myself and P, my oldest son who was 10 months old at the time. I was barely 6 weeks pregnant with our youngest, J, when he left and was 24-25 weeks pregnant with J, when he came home. We had only been at our current base for 9 months when he had to deploy, so I had no-one here. It was just me, with bad morning sickness and my oldest. It was rough, but looking back I’m thankful he was so young and he didn’t quite understand. This deployment is going better or was until last week. I’m handling this one much better, no crazy pregnancy hormones making me a mad woman, LOL!! The first week both of my kids were fine. I was shocked they were taking it so well, and thought this would be easy on them, BOY was I wrong.

My youngest is laid back and goes with the flow, you can tell he misses daddy alot but when he gets sad usually mommy’s hugs and kisses make him feel better. My oldest is a challenge this time. He’s not taking it well and I’m trying to be very patient but I just have no clue what is the best way to deal with it. I’ve talked to him about it, tried to get him to talk to me about how he is feeling, but he won’t. He does things he knows he isn’t allowed to do, whines more than he has in MONTHS, won’t use his words when he wants something, basically acting out. I feel bad when I don’t discipline  but I feel even worse when I do discipline him. I guess we need a little more time to adjust. I hope with-in a week or two things will be much calmer around here. Deployment is never easy, sure it gets easier with each one, but I think for my kids… I believe it will only get harder when they come along.

I’m sorry this is kinda short and sweet, had a few minutes while they were playing quietly. The recipe and craft tutorials will resumes, hopefully in a few days. If not, I promise they will be coming..


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