DIY Placemats


I made place mats similar to these last year, but after a stain they didn’t survive the wash. This year I hand sewed them. Lesson learned from using heat n bond last year. All you will need to do is pick out your material. I like to use two different ones, so they can be reversible. You’ll want the material at least 54″ wide. That will give you 4 placemats out of 1 yard of 54′ wide material. Make a template 13×19 inches (or whatever size you want them to be) out of cardboard. Once you have that cut out, simply trace the shape onto the back of your material and cut them out. I measure out my hems, iron them down, and place pins. I hand sewed these, so I just took the pins out as I went along. It took me 2 hours to sew all four together, hemming and cutting out not included. It would go MUCH quicker if you used a sewing machine.

And here is a close-up view of the finished product. They might not be to everyone’s liking, but I adore them 🙂


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