Long Absence

I’ve had a long absence from the blog, but I have been being crafty! Below is a photo collage of a few things that Pinterest inspired me to do, DIY Febreze, Pretty wreath, and with mod podge and fabric I gave my straw holder new life!! 

What has been going on during my absence: Well, my husband is currently deployed, we are at the end (Thank God!!!). I’ve spent lots of time with my boys. My 3 year old has learned so much in the time my husband has been gone, it will be amazing for him to see how much he now knows. My almost 2 year old is a mess, he has also changed and grown so much. I can’t wait for the homecoming to see their little faces light up. I’ve tried new a couple of new recipes, we’ve recently done a little gardening, TONS of spring cleaning here lately. Really just lots of random boring stuff! 

I have also taken lots of time taking my photography to the next level and learning all that I possibly can. I still have lots left to learn, but I believe I am good enough now to share my photos 🙂 so if you would like to follow me on this adventure  you can follow here. I am very excited about this and to see where it takes me and how I can grow! 


I will be back soon (I know I keep saying that, but really this time I will) with some new recipes and crafty stuff 🙂 Stay tuned! 




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